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10 Big Wins for Digital Learning in the Classroom

10 Big Wins for Digital Learning in the Classroom

The traditional lecture model has been used for decades. In this decade, however, educators are noticing a problem. The tried-and-true teaching methods they have used for years are no longer working as well as they used to. The teachers are just as dedicated to their craft and the students have the same drive to learn, so what changed? You’re undoubtedly holding the answer in your hands this very minute. Incoming generations of students are raised on smartphones, laptops, and tablets. They have access to a wealth of information, but they are also bombarded with constant distractions.

Raised on screens instead of books, it’s harder for many students to focus on a lengthy lecture with much less stimulation than they’re accustomed to. While technology has a bad rap for detracting from a quality education, it can also be the solution. Educators can now rely on new digital teaching methods that turn a weakness into a strength. The tech tools we usually connect with distraction can be altered in a way that tailors the classroom learning experience to suit modern learners. Regardless of the subject being taught, there are substantial benefits to blended learning solutions. Below, you’ll find the top ten wins for digital classroom learning.

#1 - Technology Resonates with Today’s Students

One need not look far to recognize how much students have changed in recent years. Technology has become a way of life. Quite literally, children are being raised in a different world. As generations who are younger than the first iPhone come of age, it’s becoming apparent how drastically our technological inundation has changed society…and learning is no exception! Students are used to being plugged in almost constantly. Technology isn’t just a tool- it’s their way of life. Because of that, they thrive off information that’s provided in the digital format they’ve grown to know and love.

#2 - Prepares Students for a Workforce That Demands Computer Literacy

Basic computer literacy is no longer an “extra” skill. Now, employers in most fields expect job-seekers to walk in the door with a working understanding of computers and technology. By bringing tech into the classroom students get to use technology in new ways. Developing proficiency at digital communication, Microsoft Office, online research, typing, and other needed computer skills, digital learning prepares students for future job success.

#3 - “Forces” classroom engagement

In a traditional lecture hall, teachers have little control over digital distractions. Short of confiscating cell phones and laptops at the door, all they can do is hope that the students staring intently at their computer screens are taking notes instead of browsing Instagram. By incorporating digital learning, however, teachers can require students to actively answer questions, participate in a survey, or complete an online activity to maintain good standing.

#4 - Increased Student Accountability

Because teachers can constantly assess participation and progress, students can no longer hide behind their screens. If a student is falling behind or skipping out on required activities, their teacher will know immediately. In this way, students can be held accountable for their work. Teachers can also identify struggling students and take action before it’s too late.

#5 - Improved Retention Rate

Studies consistently show that learning in short bursts, as one does in an online learning module, improves retention rates. The information is also reviewed numerous times without requiring students to make flashcards or other time-consuming study-aids.

#6 - Enables Teachers to Maximize Efficiency

Teachers can use computer generated data to assess which lessons worked the best for their students. By analyzing this data, they can easily see where lessons fell short and adjust their approach as needed.

#7 - New possibilities for Creative, Appealing Assignments

Educators are no longer limited to pen, paper, and books. They can now get students involved in quiz games, electronic collaborations, video assignments, screencasts, and so much more. These tools allow a truly customized learning experience that can evolve each year.

#8 - Allows Students to Learn in Their Own Way, at Their Own Pace

No student has the same schedule, tastes, or identical learning style. Digital learning offers a customize learning experience unlike any other. Students can assess their own progress and target the areas of their comprehension that need improvement.

#9 - Provides an Opportunity to Connect Virtually with Peers

Students are busier and more strapped for cash than ever before. That combination makes it harder for students to find the time for regular study groups. Fortunately, that valuable support system doesn’t have to be lost. Online learning platforms offer message boards and forums that allow students to share notes and solve problems together without leaving the dorm.

#10 - More Fun!

Digital learning has a faster paced, more game-like feel than traditional learning methods. The interactive, visually appealing, and stimulating learning environment provided by online learning isn’t just fun; it’s also effective!

The Solution to the Plight of the Modern Professor

While digital learning is by no means a perfect cure for a generation of distracted students, it can tip the scale in the right direction. It’s not magic, but ultimately digital learning in the classroom is a highly useful tool that can contribute to the arsenal of any modern educator. MyEcontentFactory, our digital platform, could help go digital quite easily. We can also guide you in this process. If you want to see how the platform works, schedule a moment with our team!


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