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Five Ways GT’s Platform Can Help You Scale Your Certification Program

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Manually building and scaling an online certification program is inefficient and messy. The content needed to develop certification materials often exist in multiple file formats such as Excel, PPTX, Word, etc. that need to be sorted and integrated into useful--and more importantly usable--content. In addition, source documents and content, more often than not, come from a range of different individuals – from subject experts to consultants. Finally, once the program is created, distributing it to multiple devices, including for use as a mobile application with a modern user interface, can add to these already significant challenges.

Struggling through the logistics of creation hinders certification organizations as it prevents them from focusing on their primary mission: bringing quality certification programs to market. GT can help you collaboratively develop a robust certification program and then instantly deliver it to the palm of your customer’s hand with our streamlined platform. Some key features of GT’s optimized end-to-end content management platform include:

  1. Real-time collaboration. Sending endless emails and files for review can unintentionally lead collaborators to lose track of changes. A good platform allows teams to collaborate and review entirely within the platform interface.
  2. Version control.  There are myriad ways to create and iterate innovative and interactive content, but with added options comes added versions that need to be tracked for quality and accuracy. Smart version control is key to maximizing a content management system.
  3. Content tagging and reuse. It’s important to be able to author once and distribute different pieces of your content to different end-users. Tagging enables easy content re-use, from marking an entire set of content as a master course to identifying specific sections or objects such as videos or assessment activities for a subset of learners or instructors.
  4. Easy distribution and digital and print previews. A simultaneous print and digital publishing workflow enables organizations to create content once and then transform it into multiple print and digital products quickly and easily so it can be distributed anywhere, including as hard print copies, eBooks, and on mobile devices, the web and through learning management systems. GT’s platform also allows creators to preview both digital and print views at any time as content is developed.
  5. Intuitive User Interface. You need not be a software engineer or a graphic designer to create professional-looking, impactful certification programs. Our “drag and drop” style interface is user-friendly and intuitive, which is especially useful when you have multiple collaborators working on developing your certification program.

When all of the above features are combined, they provide a strong foundation on which to scale a certification program, instantly increasing flexibility and agility across both creation and distribution and enabling accelerated time to market for existing and new products -- all while optimizing content production costs.

GT’s platform allows certification providers to focus their human resources on providing their customers with rigorous, high-quality certification standards without getting bogged down by the mechanics of creating and distributing dynamic and engaging course content and evaluations.

Gjergj Demiraj

Gjergj is the President and CEO of Gutenberg Technology. Before joining GT, Gjergj worked internationally in the software and media industries with expertise in digital publishing transformation. He studied in Milan, is a polyglot, and Co-founded a crowdfunding company while living in France.

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