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How Does eLearning Help Boost Employee Satisfaction?

How Does eLearning Help Boost Employee Satisfaction_

In our previous posts, we’ve covered how eLearning can be part of the employee retention secret sauce. We’ve also pointed out the contradictory fact that some employees don’t love the idea of eLearning because they feel it can create more of a burden on their workload (or may even evoke feelings of anxiety). So, how can both things be true?

In a series of studies conducted over the past few years, researchers have found that “employees who receive proper training tend to show higher levels of organizational commitment and are willing to go the extra mile to support their teams and accept group goals.”

The studies also show that “employees who perceived training to be effective were more committed to their organizations than those who saw training as ineffective.” This is an especially significant finding. It emphasizes the idea that while eLearning is seen as an incentive for many employees, it has to be the right type of eLearning.

Now that we know that eLearning is a retention booster, let’s take a look at the specific reasons why it has such an impact.

Increases in Employee Engagement

Did you know that 20% of turnover happens within the first 90 days of an employee’s time at an organization? Insufficient training is most frequently cited as one of the main reasons.

Starting a new job without getting the level of support you need can be daunting. If new employees don’t receive the adequate resources to become comfortable in their roles, it’s not surprising that many of them use it as a learning experience and quickly begin looking for a new opportunity. Similarly, if they received multiple offers during their initial job search and they don’t feel an immediate sense of inclusion in their first few days at their new jobs, they may be tempted to accept one of the other offers before they’ve even given the job a chance.

eLearning can solve this problem by increasing employee engagement early. When implemented properly, a strong onboarding program can help new employees feel confident in their roles and help them settle into the team right away in their first days and weeks on the job. Instead of sitting in an empty cubicle staring at marketing materials trying to familiarize themselves with processes and products, they’ll be actively engaged in a learning process that’s preparing them for their job.

Professional Growth and Skills Development

Once an employee has ingrained themselves into an organization and they’re comfortable in their role, the next challenge is to keep them on board for the long-haul. Individuals with career growth aspirations will recognize and appreciate when they’re being afforded the opportunity to hone their skills or develop new ones.

When they feel that their employer is not only supporting them in becoming the best they can be but actively giving them the tools to do so, it’s more likely that their job satisfaction will remain high. This goes double for when those skills are recognized and result in growth in the form of promotions, opportunities to work on more advanced projects, or compensation increases.

eLearning strategies such as just-in-time learning and microlearning provide employees with the tools they need to learn on the fly. For example, if they’re preparing for a client meeting and realize they need to brush up on a product, a quick microlearning module available on their smartphone could be exactly what they need to feel fully prepared.

In summary, eLearning is an essential tool for any organization looking to best support its employees who in turn support the long-term growth of the business.

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