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How to Use Your LMS to Onboard New Recruits

How to Use Your Mobile LMS to Onboard New Recruits

Hiring? Be prepared to lose money if you don’t tread carefully. Roughly a quarter of new employees leave the position within their first year, wasting valuable training resources. Since time is short to make a good impression, it’s essential to get the onboarding process right. A good onboarding program can make new employees feel like a welcome part of the team, introduce them to their new position, and help them adjust to the company culture. With some effort, your Mobile Learning Management System can give new hires the support they need to become valuable and appreciated long-term team members.

Deliver Top-Notch Employee Onboarding with Your LMS

An LMS can offer a customized, blended learning solution for new recruits. You have the freedom to pick and choose training styles to effectively train different types of employees affordably. These are a few of the main benefits of using an LMS for onboarding.

Offer consistency

It’s not uncommon to provide new employees with different onboarding materials by mistake. By putting the training materials into an LMS, you can assign the same content to all new employees. This avoids sending confusing mixed messages and gives the onboarding process a sense of security and stability.

Create Additional Job-Specific Training

Beyond covering company basics, an LMS gives you the option of offering different learning material to new employees depending on their specific job description. By providing targeted training content to different departments, the onboarding process can be streamlined.

Show New Employees What Matters to the Company

If training is disorganized, it can come across as unimportant. By presenting a well-structured onboarding experience using an LMS, it gives the message that company policies and procedures are taken seriously.

Make Employees Feel Valued

It’s hard to find good employees. When you do, it’s essential to show them how much your company values their skills and time. Employees who are made to feel respected are more likely to serve the company well for years to come.

Set Due Dates and Keep Records Straight

An LMS allows you to set any training schedule you see fit, whether new recruits need to complete it before their first day on the job or throughout their first few weeks. Record keeping is also much more straightforward than storing paper records. An LMS allows companies to easily see who completed their training and when at the push of a button.

Assess Your Onboarding System

Unlike other training methods, an LMS can track more than completion. By creating and assigning quizzes, you can easily see which parts of your training process imparted information most successfully and what areas need improvement. More importantly, you can ascertain whether or not a new employee is sufficiently equipped to handle the responsibilities of the job according to company policy.

Make Training Yours

Instead of offering generic training material, an LMS can help you to make the onboarding experience unique to your company. Including your company name and logo in the onboarding experience shows that your company cares about details and doesn’t cut corners.

Offer 21st Century Training

Mobile LMS systems give new employees the gift of convenience. They can easily fit their training in from anywhere, on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This is often preferable to lengthy meetings and required, in-person training sessions.

LMS Onboarding: Saving You Time and Money

Training new employees isn’t cheap. When companies must train each employee individually with a disorganized, inconsistent onboarding process, the costs rise dramatically. Since training an employee is such an investment, it’s best to do it as efficiently and effectively as possible. By offering a clean, well-structured onboarding program to new recruits, you build the foundation for a happy, dedicated workforce. If you want to give a try to our in-house mobile LMS, contact us to talk!

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