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Modern Powers of eLearning Content

While there is much talk about eLearning strategies, LMS platforms and Mobile learning, we did not find much literature regarding the content itself, even though it forms the key “bricks and mortar” of learning. But we find it essential to specifically talk about the impact these new pedagogic approaches generate. Contrary to all belief, without focusing on the quality of the supplied content and dependence of the authors and trainers, eLearning content holds unexpected powers.

1 - eLearning content’s new dimension

Interactivity of eLearning content is the first outcome, and not a minor one. The various pedagogic content creation software in the market allow for the creation and enhancement of content through the integration and use of simple interactive training tools: videos, audios, iconography, games, notices and MOOCs, which reinforce the impact of learning.

2 - End to obsolescence

Knowledge is not made of static data homogeneous in time: concepts evolve, norms change, knowledge improves through new discoveries, and the training needs to evolve to support the improvement of skills while responding to the requirements of newly created legislations and certifications.

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For the classic tools, this statement is a synonym of imposed short-term obsolescence with the need to create new content and generate new production cycles.  Thanks to the digitalization of content, eLearning content has become a “living” material, being flexible and changing, which will improve with time.

3 - Digital training or the creation of capital for the company? That’s the Question

We have arrived at the end of content obsolescence, with the possibility to create a true bank of capital made up of reusable training content delivers a substantial time savings for the corporate training teams and a savings in production expenses for the company.

4 - A consolidated bond to the company values

The bond to training is not only a pedagogic result but also a result of the capacity of it’s environment to users. The company can print its identity to elements of training by creating a personalized and unique ecosystem, while broadcasting through it’s content the best practices, desired culture and it’s values.

But how better to retain and develop your employees, if not through a controlled speech, adapted to the issues they encounter on a daily basis? With this result, employee’s training also becomes an important element of a company’s internal communication policy for constant improvement.

5 - Rapid growth of eLearning content to line up with a company’s strategy

Digital training and online learning allows a rapid growth of content, exceeding the stage of individual progression tools to become a real lever of change for the whole company. This change is based on an enhancement of collaborative practices, a promotion of adaptive responsiveness, transparency of the needs, and the proper valuation of new learnings.

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Gjergj Demiraj

Gjergj is the President and CEO of Gutenberg Technology. Before joining GT, Gjergj worked internationally in the software and media industries with expertise in digital publishing transformation. He studied in Milan, is a polyglot, and Co-founded a crowdfunding company while living in France.

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