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New year, new features!

New YEar, New Feature! (1)-1

January 2018 New Features of MyEcontentFactory

Exciting news! Our platform, MyEcontentFactory, has great new features to help publishers, universities and corporate trainers to rise up the challenge of massive content catalog and eLearning revolution by saving you time.

MyEcontentFactory improvements this January include the ability to handle more content with the batch sharing and reuse content new features, provide more scalability with the automatic workflow, cross reference, and anchor links, and enhance your content with the ability to export in SCORM 1.2. Contact us for a demo if you want to know more!

Automatic Print Workflow

We know that forking your content can be time-consuming. You are developing the content once for the print, and then for the digital products, and then cross-correcting them all the time to make sure they are both up to date? We’ve all been there, right?

With our new print and digital automatic workflow, you can author once and then deploy as InDesign files, in mobile apps, and in web app seamlessly.

Do you need to update your content? You can do it in one place, i.e. MyEcontentFactory authoring tool, and then just redeploy everywhere.

Batch Sharing

As an owner of a huge content base, you could also be daunted by the small tasks for each each book or content module: sharing each one with members of your team, setting up the right permissions for each person on each project, duplicate each chapter or page you want to reuse in a new project… We want to help you with that.

Now on MyEcontentFactory, you can share a batch of books in a few clicks!


Content Reuse

And you can also make large chunks of content available for reuse in another project: define your page as reusable by clicking on Share Version, and in another project, you will be able to add it directly as a new page. If you update the original page and share it again, the page will be updated everywhere it’s used… We hope it will save you a lot of time! 

Cross-Reference and Anchor Link Support

Now it is easier for MEF users to cross-reference and refer learners to a specific page or element of your content, such as a hyperlink. Each user will be able to go directly to a specific element highlighted inside your content by tapping on a cross-reference button or element that you can create.  Instructors can use this tool to craft learning paths and link various concepts together for effective learning. How exciting!



SCORM 1.2 Export

And last, but not least, we made the SCORM 1.2 export available for each project in MyEcontentFactory! You can to use content as a courseware on web and mobile apps, but you also might want to make it available in your LMS? Export it in SCORM 1.2 and capitalize on one content platform for multiple purposes. 

We are happy to give you a demo of these new features Our goal is to help  you transform faster towards digital publishing and digital learning by providing interconnections with your already used systems!
Request your demo today!

We wish you a happy new year, hopefully with MyEcontentFactory & Gutenberg Technology ;)

Less time on the technical hassle, more time to think about great content… and drink coffee!

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