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Gutenberg Technology & VitalSource Decrease Time to Market

Whether you are an institution, publisher, or student, the name of VitalSource has proven to be ingrained in today’s education system.  A conduit of knowledge, they act as an important piece of the educational publishing delivery model. We here at Gutenberg Technology are excited to collaborate with them in a relationship that promises to revolutionize how content is composed and distributed.

But to effectively tell the story of our collaboration and what it can offer you, the content creator, let’s dig deeper into who VitalSource is, and how we plan to collaborate.

20 Years & Over 1 Million Titles: A VitalSource Overview

VitalSource Technologies LLC, a part of the Ingram Content Group, was founded in 1996 with a mission of “improving the learning experience by making it easier to create and deliver effective and affordable content.” Pep Carrera, COO of VitalSource, said it best: “At VitalSource, our goal is to enhance the learning experience by providing the tools and technology that enable the creation and delivery of content.”

How do they accomplish this? Bookshelf®, a simple name for a powerful distribution platform that “gives textbooks superpowers.” Like a radioactive spider bite or a blast of gamma rays, Bookshelf® has empowered learning, with users opening more than 20 million ebooks in 2016. Couple their 37 available languages with online/offline capabilities and brand-new integration with OneNote and Wikipedia, and it's easy to see why over 2 billion pages of educational content were devoured by hungry minds in the past year alone.

The Gutenberg/VitalSource Effect: A Time-to-Market Decrease

So what does this mean for Gutenberg Technology? With the recent launch of MyEcontentFactory 7.0, a SaaS offering that increases ROI for publishers through a user-friendly authoring platform, digital content creators will soon have a simplified method for editing, tagging, and delivering EPUB 3 content directly to Bookshelf® in one of the most efficient workflows known to date.

“Gutenberg brings an impressive set of tools to add content to VitalSource’s global channels and capabilities, furthering our customer’s ability to create content and deliver it across the world,” stated Carrera.

Collaborations are only a portion of the collaborative process. Recruits are a necessary piece to the puzzle as we begin to roll out this new integration by June 1, 2017. Interested in laying the foundation with us? Let us know!

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Get to know VitalSource better:
Website: https://www.vitalsource.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/53585/
Twitter: @vitalsource


By Scott Greenan


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