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Online Assessment: Highlight the Text Tips & Advantages

Highlight text

If you have the right highlighting skills, then you have a gift. Highlighting draws attention to important information in a bunch of text. It is an effective way to pick out critical parts and review it later.

What Are Highlighting Questions?

Text highlighting questions ask the learners to analyze a body of text for things like grammar and context. They can comment on specific phrases and words or an entire section. Have a look at the example below.

Things to Keep in Mind About Text Highlighter Questions

Consider using the highlight-the-text question format when you are looking to gather feedback on a particular body of text like marketing content or a course. Ask the participants to pick out spelling or grammar errors. Use this question format to collect feedback during product testing phases.

Consider keeping the question customizable if you wish to collect the feedback that will be really beneficial. For example, in multiple choice questions, you may want to limit the feedback to just one kind like highlighting spelling mistakes.

What Are the Ways in Which you Can Score Text Highlighter Questions?

There are various ways you can choose to score this question format depending on the tool you are using.

  • Exact match: The learners need to answer all the parts of the question to get it correct.
  • Partial match: Every correct response element will receive scores individually. At the end, the overall score will be divided between all the responses.
  • Partial match per response: Every correct response element will get an individual score.

You can use the highlighting technique with images too, where learners are asked to highlight parts of an image. For example, highlighting specific bones in a skeleton. The text highlighter question format is popular with learners due to its ease of use.

You can use MyEcontentFactory to create these online assessments like highlight the text questions. If you are looking to create some great elearning courses with online assessments and test, try our free trial today.

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