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How to Leverage Your eLearning Content to Meet Business Performance Goals

How to Leverage Your eLearning Content to Meet Business Performance Goals

Tracking performance in the workplace is important, and not just because it helps to increase efficiency and highlight opportunities for improvement across organizations. Performance goals are a great way to align all of your employees with common goals, ideas, or processes and guide them towards improvement both personally and professionally.

But measuring performance in the workplace is easier said than done, and in 2019 it’s no longer a nice-to-have for businesses. With so much added emphasis on the power of performance goals to boost results, and improved access to data management and tracking, it is critical that employers take the time to clearly define what it is they want to measure, how they will measure it, and what success looks like for their employees.

Whether you’re trying to boost your customer service KPIs or bringing in a new initiative to improve productivity across the board, having the right employee support systems in place is a crucial step in creating a team that is empowered and motivated to grow. Keep reading for performance boosting strategies that can bring your business eLearning content to the next level.

Performance Boosting Strategies for Your Business eLearning Content

eLearning content isn’t all about podcasting and digital assessments. In fact, some of the most impactful performance boosting content out there is simply the combination of a winning strategy and having the right tools on-hand.

Create Hassle Free Self-Evaluations

Self-evaluation is a great way to gain more insight into how employees view their own skills and weaknesses and objectively compare it to your own perspective. Create content that is made up of a series of multiple choice or essay style questions, and ask employees to self-evaluate and share their own thoughts.

Ask employees to submit their responses to their supervisor to review, and use this as an opportunity to generate conversation and discovery. Having a clear picture of where you and your employee see their performance will help encourage self-awareness and boost performance in the workplace.

Create Custom 360-degree Feedback Reviews

360-degree feedback reviews are a great way to provide insight into skills and behaviors in the workplace, as well as offer employees insight into their own strengths and weaknesses. Although they don’t actually focus on measuring performance, they do help to improve the soft skills employees require to navigate the modern-day workplace.

One way to keep feedback both manageable and confidential is to create digital surveys that can be shared with employees to complete on their own time. Create short, clear surveys that respect employees’ busy schedules, and encourage honest and constructive feedback.

Create eLearning Content with Context

Performance support content like videos and infographics are a great way to offer employees the context they need to understand how learning materials align with their every day tasks and responsibilities.

Provide employees with relevant interactive material that supports just-in-time learning and continuous development. Doing so will give each employee the tools they need to boost performance using company-approved processes.

Collaborate on Performance Objectives

The more transparency an employee has into how they’re being measured, the more likely they are to be invested in the outcome. Management by Objectives, or MBO, is a common way to get employees engaged in goal-setting and improved performance and asks them to work in collaboration with their employers to determine goals that work for everyone.

Managers who practice MBO and work alongside employees to determine what their individual professional objectives are, and how they align with the company as a whole, are more likely to create a culture of transparency and continuous growth. This concept not only applies to individuals, but it also applies to entire teams and departments.

Create surveys and learning materials that allow you to share ideas, gather feedback, and communicate collective performance goals as easily as possible. Having a digital-first mindset will help you maintain consistency and clarity as you work together to set your goals.

Keep Your Content Consistent

Thanks to technology, there are more and more ways to create innovative and interactive content that captures the imagination of the modern day learner, but with added mediums comes added versions that need to be controlled.

No matter what kind of content you’re creating, look for tools that make version control a long forgotten memory. MyEcontentFactory, for example, allows content creators to publish across platforms at the click of the button and ensures that everyone is getting the same experience.

To learn more about how MyEcontentFactory can help you boost performance through excellent content, contact a member of our team today and schedule a free demo!

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