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Online Assessment: Math Problems

math assessment




Usually, elearning assessments do not include mathematical questions unless the content is based on mathematical calculations. But, when the content is math-based, then using the problem-solving approach is valuable for the learners. It enhances their strategic thinking skills. Learners need to analyze information and then choose the relevant action.

Why Do You Need Math In The Workplace?

All that calculus and trigonometry you learned at school may not be relevant at the workplace unless you are pursuing a career in mathematics. But, numerical problem-solving skills are important to your everyday job role. Being good in numeracy and problem solving indicates a strong cognitive ability that is important for success in the workplace. So, if you want to assess whether your employees have the ability to succeed on the job, you must test their math ability.

Mathematical questions do not measure only the numerical problem-solving skills. They also measure the learner’s problem solving and critical thinking proficiency. The job at hand may not require hardcore math skills. But if the employee is good at numerical problem solving then the chances of him being good at solving work problems is higher.

There are high-end calculators and computers to perform complicated calculations. You may think that testing the numerical ability of learners is useless. But, you need to understand that these devices do not do things on their own. You need to understand the problem and ask them to perform the calculations. So, it is important to understand math. Organizations are relying more on data to take business decisions. If your employees are adept at analyzing and interpreting data then it’s a winning proposition for you.

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