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How Real-time Changes Can Change Online Learning


Online learning is nothing new, but over the past decade it has aged well. Initially, it was argued that online courses couldn’t possibly provide the full benefits of a traditional class. How could a computer screen replace an experienced, live instructor? In it’s early days, that argument was reasonable. Today, however, online learning matches classroom learning blow-for-blow. Online learning can even be brought into the classroom to give students the best of both worlds. But what does online education offer that can’t be provided solely by a traditional classroom setting? The greatest benefit is that the content is “live”. Students have access to current information, broad connections, and instant feedback all in real-time. Let’s talk more about the benefits of real time changes in the online learning game.

Always Current

The world is in a state of constant change. Across every field, experts are uncovering new information that rewrites the books. Imagine a textbook that could actually keep up! The good news is, with today’s online authoring programs it’s possible to create textbooks that do just that. Traditional textbooks do their best to keep up, but once a book is printed there is no going back. The book is relevant for a short time, and when that time is over the book has lost most of its educational value. Online courses and textbooks offer publishers the option to easily update segments of material as needed. Educators are able to update their teaching methods gradually and students can rest easy knowing they’re studying relevant material. The consumers aren’t the only ones with something to gain from real-time changes. Publishers can save a great deal of time by consistently updating the content of their online material. Real-time changes add up to less time wasted, less money spent, more satisfied customers.

Real-Time Changes and Ongoing Assessments Promote Engagement

Online learning can evolve with relative ease. By simply updating a course with new learning objects, students who may otherwise lose interest are encouraged to reengage. The benefit of instant assessments has been proven as well. Students who take low-pressure, instant-feedback assessments are more likely to successfully complete the course and retain the information learned. Instant feedback helps in more than one way. It gives students a clear idea of their comprehension and skill level long before they’re facing a major test or midterm. They can track where they excel and where they need improvement and are provided with material to fill in the gaps. By being able to visualize their real-time progress, students walk away with more confidence, more motivation, and improved retention. Students who need academic intervention become aware of their need for additional assistance with time to spare. Real-time feedback and updates are crucial, giving students as many opportunities to succeed as possible.

Creates an Educational Network in Real-Time

Another high-level benefit of real-time changes is the development of a wide-reaching educational network. Teachers, students, and publishers can connect instantly. Teachers can gauge their students’ progress and encourage discussion online outside the classroom. Students can connect at the speed of light with their classmates, in some cases across states or borders. Questions can be asked from anywhere, on mobile or desktop, with homework help just a click away. Additionally, publishers can evaluate what works and what doesn’t. By connecting with the market they serve, publishers ensure they are offering what their customers actually need.

Enhances Learning Across the Board

The benefits of real-time changes to online learning are broad. The goal of education is to give students the tools they need to succeed, and online learning in real-time does just that. MyEcontentFactory can help you to provide students with the instant feedback, rapid connection, and ever current information they want with the speed and ease that your publishing business needs.

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