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5 key findings for a Successful Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is ongoing each and every day, but the psychological barriers created still remain within companies. In fact, only 59% of the owners in small and micro businesses consider digital transition to be important for their company (Harris Interactive –Sept 2015). In fact, a large portion of company leaders haven’t identified the important issues relating to digital change but the employees have already experienced it. The challenge is large, as companies will not only have to prepare for the emergence of new skills within their teams, but also redefine job duties and inspire innovation in the transformation of existing job roles.  The Albiways agency tried to separate fact from fiction and fantasy from reality on the topic of digital transformation, by performing a survey of employees in collaboration with the TNS Sofres press.

If you’re presently still not convinced on the importance of digital, here are the 5 key results from the TNS survey which could convince you.

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5 Reasons for Digital Transformation

1. According to this study, 70% of the employees admitted that digital transformation is ongoing in their job, reaching a critical point in about two years. In fact, 1 out of 2  think digital has already modified their role across all services proving the employees‘ awareness of the current state and upcoming changes to be implemented.

2. With 9 out of 10 responding that the digital transformation is an opportunity for their company to grow.

The progressive increase of digital channels within a company allows one to simplify and reduce global costs for the company.  Furthermore, digital technologies are identified as a point of differentiation in increasingly competitive sectors.

3. One of the main trends found in this study is the large disparity in the perception between management and employees. Employees have pointed towards a lack of initiative by management in their use of digital within the company, falling short of the levels to be expected in today’s environment.

One of the main challenges confronting companies is decreasing the skills gap of their employees, caused by the arrival of digital. In response to one of the questions,

4. With the rate at which the economy evolves and without a real company strategy to train them, there has been a decrease in the time afforded employees to apply themselves with the use of digital tools.

5. 90% of employees believe that first and foremost, the training on offer should be adapted to each individual. Unfortunately, 61% of employees don’t really know if this form of training is offered by their company, while 62% of Human Resource departments surveyed stated that their existing programs do deliver personalized training.

With the cases illustrated above, there is much confusion on digital topics within companies, and management should really invest in clearly communicating their digital transformation and train their employees to answer the issues encountered each day.

Read more about our case study we conducted: Major Time and Cost Savings: a Simultaneous Print & Digital Publishing Process


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Gjergj Demiraj

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