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Announcing: Gjergj Demiraj, New President and CEO of Gutenberg Technology

New President & CEO of GT Announcement

It brings us great pleasure to introduce Gjergj Demiraj as the new President and Chief Executive Officer of Gutenberg Technology.

Gjergj has been with GT for over 7 years and has played a major role in shaping our company across each department. His bubbling passion for cutting-edge technology paired with a wealth of knowledge in business operations, growth mechanics and SaaS will launch GT into a new era of success.

“Our mission is helping publishers to provide more affordable learning solutions to students without negotiating the quality of the materials. We are well positioned with our excellent team and our proven technology to continue transforming the educational publishing market. We will also begin to work closely with Universities and their Curriculum Designers to quickly provide a personalized and rich educational experience for learners, and also prepare our new offering for the corporate market.” - Gjergj Demiraj

This new chapter in GT history also breaths new life into the core of our business - our people. Beyond his expertise, Gjergj is committed to inciting the transparency, trust and teamwork required for the company to unite as a whole in driving the innovation of our products and customer experience forward.

In light of this forward charge into new business opportunities, there have been some notable changes among other members of GT leadership. Christine Chiang has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer to further optimize and scale GT's business operations. Seth Puri has been promoted to EVP of Global Sales & Marketing. Gustav Garzón has returned to GT as VP of Product to strategically reinvigorate the GT mission of innovating and delivering the best in class e-learning products available on the market. Aminata Da Costa, Christophe Feuvre and Mathieu Caudron continue in their roles of CFO, CTO, and Deputy CTO.

The global GT team came together in Paris in November to strategize for the coming year, have a bit of fun getting to know each other and rally around this change. The resounding sentiment from everyone was one of excitement for the future - one that we will build together through 2019 and beyond.

Check out the official press release on eLearning Industry or PRWeb.


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