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Gutenberg Technology Website to Undergo a Brand Uplift

Gutenberg Technology Website to Undergo a Brand Uplift

Remaining a key player in the publishing, e-learning and corporate training space requires that we constantly improve the experience we provide to our visitors, users and customers. These iterations span our products, services and support capabilities and, of course, the community we aim to provide as part of our website.

We are thrilled to announce that we're in the planning stages of what we classify as a brand uplift for our website. While our core vision and mission stands true, we realize we have work to do to best serve you. We're not talking about new logos and color schemes (yet), but instead plan to:

1) Restructure the website; this will make it much easier for you to find content that's meant for you, and

2) Develop completely new content; with a proper website structure, we're prepared to fill the bookshelves with useful books, so to speak, so that we're providing you with the most impactful industry-standard best practices.

We've already filled a few whiteboards with ideas of what we'll deliver, but who better to tell us what you're looking for than you! Please take a moment (or more) to let us know what burning questions you have or challenges you face in the comment section or by clicking the button below. We're listening and quite eager to help make your life as a publisher and educator that much easier so that you can play as hard as you work. Expect to see these changes begin to take shape in the coming months.

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