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Digital Content is Transforming Higher Ed

Digital Content Disrupting Textbook highered

Digital content is nothing new, but the way we’re using it is. As digital content has progressed, education has begun to shift in a big way. This change is most pronounced in the arena of higher education. The possibilities provided by online learning tools are indispensable to our current and upcoming generations of college students. It’s crucial that both educators and publishers adapt as the course of education carves out a new path. Here’s how digital content is changing higher ed…and what you can do to keep up!

Digital Learning Offers Unprecedented Flexibility

Across the board, education is not what it used to be. In many ways, the changes are positive. As far as the cost of education goes, not so much. As the cost of a four-year degree has skyrocketed, many students are questioning whether it’s really worth it. Most students have to take on a significant amount of student debt. To mitigate this issue, many students work part-time or even full-time jobs to support their education. Students are busier (and often more stressed) than ever!

The flexibility of a digital education allows students to conduct their studies where and when it works for them. This also applies to adult learners returning to complete a degree, and students who struggle with significant financial or physical hardships. Not all students are able to commit to a full-time course-load. No longer are those underprivileged students left out of the higher-ed game. Online learning enables anyone and everyone to achieve academic success- and it’s about time!

The Way Students Want to Learn Has Changed

If you’ve met even a single millennial, you know that young people rely heavily on technology. From the way they how they navigate or plan a date to the way they plan a research paper, their use of technology is unlike that of any generation before them. It’s only natural that the way they learn is different, too. As millennials and Z-gens come of age, education has been forced to change how it approaches learning. Learning methods must be more than flexible- they need to be highly-interactive, customizable, and accessible from anywhere. The way educators need to present their material has changed too. Digital learning students and teachers what they want and what they need to succeed, both in the classroom and out.

Digital Connection Changes the Way Students Connect

When higher-ed was limited to textbooks and lecture halls, the extent of students’ connection ended at the classroom walls. Digital content changes that. Students today are more diverse and well-informed, and it’s only logical that the lesson should fit the student. Students and teachers alike can now connect not just nationally, but globally. This expansion of ideas and cultures fosters a broad world-view, encourages cultural appreciation, and builds respect and understanding. The qualities that used to require years of experience and travel can now be brought into a standard college education.

The Future of Publishing for Higher-Ed

The digital era has changed more than how we communicate or get around. The age of computers has fundamentally changed how we live. Higher-ed and the field of publishing as a whole has had to adjust and grow to support these changes. The bad news? This shakes up the way of life and learning many of us are used to. The good news? The future of online publishing is expansive, creative, and very bright. The doors for digital publishing are wide open. Where will they take your next publishing project?

Using a high-quality authoring tool like Gutenberg Technology’s end-to-end publishing platform gives content creators the flexibility to seamlessly create content on the web, smartphones, tablets, and more. The simple to use authoring tool is one of the best ways to create custom content to offer students of all ages the best possible learning experience.

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