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Future Of Educational Publishing Survey

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**This Survey is now closed, thank you all who took it! Feel free to comment below if you would like to express your opinion. We love to hear from you.**

Gutenberg Technology has just announced the launch of a survey to measure the future of educational publishing. As a technology company who works with some of the largest global publishers, it is so important for us to understand what leaders in the industry think about the future of learning with educational content.

The survey is a quick 4 minute, 14 question questionnaire highlighting some of the following topics:

  • Can adding more digital products to increase revenues?
  • The future of physical textbooks - will they disappear?
  • Can the declining sales in textbooks be replaced by digital products?
  • Considering using digital first publishing?
  • MOOC platforms - friend or foe?
  • How you see Artificial Intelligence?
  • What is the future of OER & Education?

What is the future of Educational Publishing_ (2).png

Through each of these questions, we are trying to understand the future of learning and how education will look in the coming years. We invite you to help us to understand the future of education and we will send you the results of the survey once we receive them.

Thank you!!!

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