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MyEcontentFactory March New Product Feature Release

New Releases of MyEcontentFactory This Month

Our technology team has been working hard this month. We strive to help you easily create, publish, and distribute digital learning materials. We have some exciting new features in MyEcontentFactory (MEF) that we would like to share with you.

You can now “Duplicate Projects”, allowing you to create projects faster by using former projects in MEF. This allows you to give your old work a new look! We also made the XML importation more powerful as you import XML with assessment references now.

On the distribution part, we offer you a better preview on webpage, brand new UI of analytics screens on mobile and tablet apps, iOS and Android, and an offline access to interactive media on the same devices.

  1. Project Management : Duplicate a project
  2. Project Module: Import an XML project including assessments
  3. Preview MEF exports in our brand new web-reader
  4. Offline Access to content media from Mobile & Tablets Apps
  5. New analytics screens & UI for Mobile & Tablet Android App


Project Management: Duplicate a project

Duplicating a project will allow you to save time in your content creation process. When a project is duplicated, all existing content, theme, internal/external references, and project cover/metadata are created and are considered independent from the original project. Users can then freely edit or change the duplicated content without worrying about impacting others.



Project Module: Import an XML project including assessments

This is a great productivity tool added to MEF this month. You can now reference existing or imported assessment that are imported with the XML. Whenever you create a project, you have the option to import an XML file to see your already designed content. You also have the opportunity to import the XML with references to existing assessment in MEF or assessments thats you import later with json. You are now not bound to recreate assessments in the authoring tool. You can just refer to the existing one. What a time saver!




Preview MEF exports in our brand new webreader

What’s better then to have a preview of what your learners will see in the webreader? We just improved this this feature so you can see more accurately assess your design and see in real time how the user will view the content. It is an awesome feature, check it out.




Offline Access to content media from Mobile & Tablets Apps

Anywhere, Anytime! MEF did it: you can now have offline access to all your media from your mobile or tablet devices. When a learner downloads a book or module in his GT app, media (video, photos, gifs) are also now included when they might not have internet access in airplane mode. Offline learning, here we come!



New analytics screens & UI for Mobile & Tablet Android App

We thrive to provide to learners the best mobile experience, consistent and seamless. We redesigned the display of our analytics in the Android App for a cleaner display, it’s not an extreme makeover but we are happy to introduce you the before/after:


before look at analytics  


After look at analytics

We hope you will like those improvements, and if you have any feedback, please comment here under or contact us, we will be happy to chat.

If you want to try one of those features, register here for a free trial, or if you want to see these new features with one of our team members, just request a demo :)

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